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Miracle II Neutralizer
22 oz.  $16
1 Gallon $67

Miracle II Neutralizer Gel
8 oz.  $16
1 Gallon $180

Miracle II Neutralizer

Miracle II Neutralizer is a mix of minerals and eloptically-energized water. When taken orally, the neutralizer helps to detoxify your blood stream and create an alkaline condition where diseases, bacteria, and viruses are unlikely to grow. It neutralizes the toxins in your stomach, which helps take away heartburn, among other things. You'll find hundreds of reasons to use this fabulous product!


Miracle II Neutralizer Gel

Miracle II Neutralizer in a Gel form, formulated for those areas where you would like to maintain a high level of neutralizer over an extended period of time. It's compact and portable, for mixing with our drinking water, or even for brushing your teeth!

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